An interface for defining particle-based weather effects

Param: parent

The parent container within which the effect is rendered

Param: options

Options passed to the getParticleEmitters method which can be used to customize values of the emitter configuration.

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  • Parameters

    • options: {} = {}

      Returns ParticleEffect


    emitters: Emitter[]

    The array of emitters which are active for this particle effect


    • Create an emitter instance which automatically updates using the shared PIXI.Ticker


      • config: EmitterConfigV3

        The emitter configuration

      Returns Emitter

      The created Emitter instance

    • Get the particle emitters which should be active for this particle effect. This base class creates a single emitter using the explicitly provided configuration. Subclasses can override this method for more advanced configurations.


      • Optional options: any = {}

        Options provided to the ParticleEffect constructor which can be used to customize configuration values for created emitters.

      Returns Emitter[]

    • Parameters

      • Rest ...args: any[]

      Returns void

    • Begin animation for the configured emitters.

      Returns void

    • Stop animation for the configured emitters.

      Returns void