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Tour configuration data

Type Parameters


    • TourConfig



    namespace: string

    The namespace this Tour belongs to. Typically, the name of the package which implements the tour should be used

    id: string

    A machine-friendly id of the Tour, must be unique within the provided namespace

    title: string

    A human-readable name for this Tour. Localized.

    steps: TourStep[]

    The list of Tour Steps

    description: string

    A human-readable description of this Tour. Localized.

    localization: any

    A map of localizations for the Tour that should be merged into the default localizations

    restricted: boolean

    Whether the Tour is restricted to the GM only. Defaults to false.

    display: boolean

    Whether the Tour should be displayed in the Manage Tours UI. Defaults to false.

    canBeResumed: boolean

    Whether the Tour can be resumed or if it always needs to start from the beginning. Defaults to false.

    suggestedNextTours: string[]

    A list of namespaced Tours that might be suggested to the user when this Tour is completed. The first non-completed Tour in the array will be recommended.