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A step in a Tour

Type Parameters


    • TourStep



    id: string

    A machine-friendly id of the Tour Step

    title: string

    The title of the step, displayed in the tooltip header

    content: string

    Raw HTML content displayed during the step

    selector: string

    A DOM selector which denotes an element to highlight during this step. If omitted, the step is displayed in the center of the screen.

    tooltipDirection: { UP: string; DOWN: string; LEFT: string; RIGHT: string; CENTER: string }

    How the tooltip for the step should be displayed relative to the target element. If omitted, the best direction will be attempted to be auto-selected.

    Type declaration

    • UP: string
    • DOWN: string
    • LEFT: string
    • RIGHT: string
    • CENTER: string
    restricted: boolean

    Whether the Step is restricted to the GM only. Defaults to false.