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Type Parameters


    • PointSourcePolygonConfig



    type: string

    The type of polygon being computed

    angle: number

    The angle of emission, if limited

    density: number

    The desired density of padding rays, a number per PI

    radius: number

    A limited radius of the resulting polygon

    rotation: number

    The direction of facing, required if the angle is limited

    wallDirectionMode: number

    Customize how wall direction of one-way walls is applied

    useThreshold: boolean

    Compute the polygon with threshold wall constraints applied

    debug: boolean

    Display debugging visualization and logging for the polygon

    source: PointSource

    The object (if any) that spawned this polygon.

    boundaryShapes: (Rectangle | Circle | Polygon)[]

    Limiting polygon boundary shapes

    useInnerBounds: Readonly<boolean>

    Does this polygon use the Scene inner or outer bounding rectangle

    hasLimitedRadius: Readonly<boolean>

    Does this polygon have a limited radius?

    hasLimitedAngle: Readonly<boolean>

    Does this polygon have a limited angle?

    boundingBox: Readonly<Rectangle>

    The computed bounding box for the polygon