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Type Parameters


    • ActorData



    _id: string

    The _id which uniquely identifies this Actor document

    name: string

    The name of this Actor

    type: string

    An Actor subtype which configures the system data model applied

    img: string

    An image file path which provides the artwork for this Actor

    system: any

    The system data object which is defined by the system template.json model

    prototypeToken: PrototypeToken

    Default Token settings which are used for Tokens created from this Actor

    items: Collection<BaseItem>

    A Collection of Item embedded Documents

    effects: Collection<BaseActiveEffect>

    A Collection of ActiveEffect embedded Documents

    folder: string

    The _id of a Folder which contains this Actor

    sort: number

    The numeric sort value which orders this Actor relative to its siblings

    ownership: any

    An object which configures ownership of this Actor

    flags: any

    An object of optional key/value flags

    _stats: DocumentStats

    An object of creation and access information.