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Type Parameters


    • ApplicationOptions



    baseApplication: string

    A named "base application" which generates an additional hook

    width: number

    The default pixel width for the rendered HTML

    height: string | number

    The default pixel height for the rendered HTML

    top: number

    The default offset-top position for the rendered HTML

    left: number

    The default offset-left position for the rendered HTML

    scale: number

    A transformation scale for the rendered HTML

    popOut: boolean

    Whether to display the application as a pop-out container

    minimizable: boolean

    Whether the rendered application can be minimized (popOut only)

    resizable: boolean

    Whether the rendered application can be drag-resized (popOut only)

    id: string

    The default CSS id to assign to the rendered HTML

    classes: string[]

    An array of CSS string classes to apply to the rendered HTML

    title: string

    A default window title string (popOut only)

    template: string

    The default HTML template path to render for this Application

    scrollY: string[]

    A list of unique CSS selectors which target containers that should have their vertical scroll positions preserved during a re-render.

    An array of tabbed container configurations which should be enabled for the application.

    An array of CSS selectors for configuring the application's behaviour.

    An array of configuration objects.