Cypher System

A Game System for Foundry Virtual Tabletop

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This is a game system for the Cypher System family of games (Cypher System, Numenera, The Strange, Predation, Unmasked, Gods of the Fall, Vurt, Shotguns & Sorcery) by Monte Cook Games.

At its core, this system is just a rather simple digital character sheet. Included are dice macros for the usual rolls in Cypher games. Macros allow for customization of the macro bar and even customization of the macros themselves to use the Cypher system exactly like you need. This allows players and GMs to use any rules interpretation and house rule they could use at a physical table. If you can do it at the table, you can do it with this system. In addition, a pre-made tabletop scene and some tokens that can be used as markers are included in the system, so that your game is ready in a few minutes.

Documentation: Getting Started | User Manual | GitHub


Content from the Cypher System Reference Document

The Cypher SRD Compendium contains all the content from the Cypher System Reference Document.

The Cypher System Community Content module adds fan-made material you can use in your game. It also includes example PCs which showcase how to use different features of the system, which is a great way to learn it.

Add-on Modules

Install these modules only if you specifically need the functionality provided by these modules. I recommend playing a few times without them to see if there’s something missing for you. If you are startig out, use only the CSRD Compendium, open up the Cypher System Rulebook from there, and create a character or two. If you think something is missing, then and only then look at the modules.

The only modules I recommend if you are using tokens and maps are Bar Brawl and Drag Ruler. But even those are by no means essential.

Cypher-Specific Modules

These modules have been written specifically to expand the functionality of the Cypher System.

Modules with Cypher System Integration

These modules come pre-configured with Cypher-specific functionality.

Support & Community

The Cypher FVTT Dev Discord is where the development of the system is coordinated and its future discussed, but anyone is welcome to join and share best practices, ask questions on how to use the system, and share self-created resources for your games.

You can also reach me on the official Foundry Discord or via Discord DM: @mrkwnzl.

Last, but not least, you can ask questions, file bug reports, and request features on GitHub.

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Cypher System Open License

This product is an independent production and is not affiliated with Monte Cook Games, LLC. It is published under the Cypher System Open License, found at

CYPHER SYSTEM and its logo are trademarks of Monte Cook Games, LLC in the U.S.A. and other countries. All Monte Cook Games characters and character names, and the distinctive likenesses thereof, are trademarks of Monte Cook Games, LLC.


Available Versions

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