Cypher System GPT

An Add-on Module for Foundry Virtual Tabletop

Author: mrkwnzl Project Source: Project URL Versions 11+ (Verified 11.315) Last Updated 3 months ago

The Cypher System GPT Foundry module gives you direct access to an AI assistant that knows all the rules from the Cypher System SRD. You can Chat with it to get direct answers. Or select from some predefined Quick Prompts for Adventure Seeds or GM Intrustions! There’s even a fast Character Generator that you can quickly import directly into your game!

This is being powered by OpenAI’s GPT and our Lost Compress Press servers. We’re in beta and looking forward to your feedback and suggestions, but it works great right now.

While Cpyher System GPT is in beta, it’s free to use. This may change depending on actively this module is being used and on how many people are willing to support Lost Company Press on Ko-fi.


You can access Cypher System GPT with a click on the button in the Token Control layer, or with a keyboard shortcut (default Alt + S). A window opens where you can use the following features.


In the chat, you can send a prompt to the AI and it gives you a response. The AI has been trained with the Cypher System Reference Document and can give answers in relation to that.

It works best when used for creative input, such as the generation of random NPCs with personality, suggestions for GMIs, or adventure seeds. It’s less accurate about specific rules, and it might hallucinate non-existing descriptors, foci, or cyphers.

If your prompt is a specific term from the rules, such as “Onslaught”, “Wields Two Weapons at Once”, or “Mytical”, and nothing else, the AI will return the exact ruels text. This won’t work is you ask for this in a sentence, such as “What are the rules for Onslaught?” It will still give you an answer, but it’s not the exact text from the CSRD.

Quick Prompt

Sometimes, you just want a quick creative suggestion for posible PCs, NPCs, Creatures, or GMIs. Quick Prompts give you a choice of genre and thing you want suggestions for and generates those.


With the generator, you can randomly create PCs based on the chosen genre. This is a fully fleshed out character that you can import as an actor into Foundry with the click of a button.

Note: By default, only GMs have permision to create actors. If a player wants to import the character, the GM needs to give players permission to create new actors in the User Management.


The Lost Compay Press website provides a search for the CSRD. With this feature, you can set a search scope (such as abilities or foci) and a search term and it will return relevant passages and a link to the CSRD version from Lost company Press.


This product is an independent production and is not affiliated with Monte Cook Games, LLC. It is published under the Cypher System Open License, found at

CYPHER SYSTEM and its logo are trademarks of Monte Cook Games, LLC in the U.S.A. and other countries. All Monte Cook Games characters and character names, and the distinctive likenesses thereof, are trademarks of Monte Cook Games, LLC.


Support for the AI Chat and Content

The server where all the content is generated is hosted by Lost Compress Press. Please consider supporting them on Ko-fi to cover the server costs.

Support for the Foundry Implementation

I appreciate any feedback and questions. You can reach me on GitHub and Discord (@mrkwnzl). If Cypher System GPT for Foundry VTT makes your games more accessible and fun, I’m grateful for your support, but only after Lost Company Press already got your support:

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Supported Game Systems

  1. Cypher System

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