Twilight: 2000 Urban Operations

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Twilight: 2000 Urban Operations

Urban Operations, the first expansion to the new edition of RPG classic Twilight: 2000, is a massive modular expansion that includes everything you need to play in urban environments. The expansion is loosely based on the classic module Free City of Krakow from the first edition of Twilight: 2000 RPG, but designed to be used in any city environment.

This module includes new combat and travel rules for urban environments, close quarters fighting, new factions for the PCs to tangle with, new scenario sites to explore, and introduces the new plot concept to create longer story arcs. It also describes the two sample towns Krakow and Karlsborg in text and maps. Contents of the module:

  • Six chapters of new rules and gaming material.
  • 16 new Encounter Cards, for use in any town or city.
  • 10 modular battle maps for urban environments.
  • 4 modular battle maps for close quarters combat.
  • 4 scenario site battle maps, two of which for close combat quarters.
  • 54 battle map tokens for debris, sandbags, floor level indicators, blocks and breaches.
  • Full-color city travel maps for the example towns of Krakow and Karlsborg.
  • Full-color battle maps for the Wawel castle in Krakow and Karlsborg Fortress.

This Foundry module contains:

  • 45 Actors.
  • 40 Journal Entries.
  • 9 Items.
  • 7 Rolltables.
  • 22 Scenes, including Battlemaps.
  • Scenario Sites with Walls and Pins.

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This module is to be used with the Twilight: 2000 System.

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screenshot showing the module, a scene, and some journals open in Foundry VTT. screenshot showing the module, a scene, and some journals open in Foundry VTT. screenshot showing the module, a scene, and some journals open in Foundry VTT.

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