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“Twilight falls. Davokar darkens.”  The goblin Fenya sounded calm, despite the flock of violings that swarmed eagerly around them – the nasty birds could predict bloodshed, they all knew that.  Kvarek felt the sweat on his palms threaten his grip on the spear and shouted over his shoulder: “Magdala, faster!”  The witch didn’t answer, lost as she was to the sinister harmonies of the ritual, her hands caressing the pillar’s grim stone face.
A loud rumbling echoed through the ruin, as if some giant creature had awoken and stood up from under layer upon layer of stone and soil.  “The witch said that the abominations come out at night,”  the goblin muttered.  Kvarek’s knuckles whitened as he tightened the grip:  “No, only that they are hungriest after dark.  They are not afraid of the evening sun, and not of …”
He was cut short by Magdala’s hoarse voice:  “The pillar has answered. I know where the mausoleum is.”
Then, out of the ruins, the blight beast came at them, massive and roaring.  Its claws scraped the rocky ground, scouring out deep sores oozing pure corruption, leaving drops of black, mercury-like mildew on moss and stones in its wake.
“We cannot escape this,”  said Fenya. Magdala nodded agreement.
“Well then,”
Kvarek sighed, “this is where we make our stand, for the right to the treasures of Symbaroum.”

The OFFICIAL system for playing Symbaroum RPG on Foundry VTT.
Free League have now officially endorsed the system and we have been working to provide official content to enhance the system (see below).

Should you wish to populate the system with game content for your own use please purchase the rules from Free League Publishing:    Free League Store - Symbaroum or better still purchase the Starter Set or Core Rules modules.

The Core system provides support for

Please read the symbaroum system guide, in the compendiums section.

This guide presents the functionalities of the system.



  1. Go to the setup page in Foundry and choose **Game Systems**.
  2. Click the **Install System** button, search for Symbaroum.
  3. Create a Game World using the Symbaroum system.

Official Modules

Save the effort of inputting all the data from the books by purchasing the official modules from Free League:
Symbaroum RPG Core Rules
Symbaroum RPG Starter Set

If you require any support for the Symbaroum system you can contact us on the Foundry Discord #Free League channel or the Davokar Explorers League #symbaroum-vtt-foundry channel.

Content Usage and Licensing
Please get yourself a copy of Symbaroum RPG by Free League for the full Davokar experience.
Support our game creators and publishers.

Related Websites
Free League Store - Symbaroum

Symbaroum for Foundry VTT was originally developed by Perfectro who no longer supports the system and has allowed Bithir, Khaali and myself (Paul Watson) to take over development and support.
We would like to thank him for his excellent work in putting the system together.
[GNU General Public License v3.0](

Virtual Table Top Platform Licenses
- Foundry VTT support is covered by the following license: [Limited License Agreement for module development 09/02/2020](

- Additional art under Creative Commons 3.0 BY license: icons by Delapouite and Lorc - More info available at

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