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Roger's Additional Metric Ruler Labels

For everyone that uses the metric system in the real world and wants to know the metric distances without changing the underlying game system.


A 20 feet wide gorge lies ahead of your party. What do you do?

You are asking yourself:

20 feet ... is this wide? Should i try jumping across it?

This module will help you to better understand distances.
It adds additional labels for the metric measurements to your ruler. It is not changing any systems etc. It only applies an additional label to the UI.


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The following units are supported

  • ft, ft. and feet will get converted to meters (5 ft -> 1,5 m)
  • mi, mi., and miles will be converted to kilometers (1 mile -> 1,61 km)

Example feet to meters


Example miles to kilometers

ezgif com-gif-maker (1)

Works with FoundryVTT's MeasureTemplates


Support for other packages


This module now supports the DragRuler module from Stäbchenfisch. You can enable/disable the labels in the settings. DragRuler


To install, follow these instructions:

  1. Inside Foundry, select the "Add-on Modules" tab in the Configuration and Setup menu.
  2. Click the Install Module button and enter the following URL: or search for Metric Ruler Labels in the search.
  3. Click Install and wait for installation to complete.


I only tested it with FoundryVTT 0.8.9 but it should work with other versions that the two dependencies support (0.8.5 and later).


Also thanks to ruipin for the libWrapper module :)


Nothing right now. :)


If you find a bug or have any feedback for me just add an issue in the issuetracker. Thx alot and i hope this module helps you in your game :)



  • Added support for FoundryVTT's MeasureTemplates


  • Added support for the DragRuler module by Stäbchenfisch ( you can activate/deactivate metric labels for this module in the settings)
  • All segments of the ruler now have metric labels
  • Added german localization
  • Added a dialog if dependency is missing
  • Removed libRuler as a dependency (yay ... less dependencies are always better \(°0°)/ )


  • First realease with the conversions for miles and feet for the ruler tool.

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  2. Tools and Controls

Available Versions

  1. Version v0.9.0

  2. Version v0.9.1

  3. Version v1.0.0