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  1. TacticalMap Battlemaps Pack

    2 hours, 29 minutes ago Version 1.0.0

    This special content pack contains 20 game-ready battlemaps provided courtesy of TacticalMap. Stanislav at TacticalMap creates beautiful fantasy maps in a hand-drawn style, with a focus on providing environments the players other than just ones for combat. This package presents 20 hand-picked maps from TacticalMap's collection, and provides them with walls and lighting for all Foundry VTT users.

    TacticalMap Battlemaps Pack
    The Tactical Master creates thought-out and detailed battlemaps for your game. Make your fight scene beautiful and tactically diverse.

    Support the creation of new maps on Patreon:

  2. Spellarena Battlemap Collection

    1 week, 1 day ago Version 1.2.0

    This special content pack contains 54 game-ready battlemaps provided courtesy of Spellarena. Artur and Darek at Spellarena create beautiful hand-drawn fantasy maps and assets monthly. All maps are pre-configured for Foundry VTT with walls, doors, and light sources. 

    We are Spellarena, a collective of DMs, game designers and artists passionate about RPGs who enjoy creating all kinds of content for fantasy settings (adventures, token, animated maps, music, magic items). We play and love RPGs as much as you do!

    Find more maps for free at:

    Support Spellarena on Patreon: 

  3. Adventure Music

    2 weeks, 3 days ago Version 1.1.0

    This special collection provides 33 background, environmental, and combat themes as well as 7 fanfare effects from Adventure Music, who compose original instrumental music for tabletop role-playing games.

    Adventure Music Collection
    We are ComposerJd and Hoffzart, the creators of Adventure Music, who compose original instrumental music for tabletop role-playing games. We try to cover a large range of styles and feels so that each of our tracks has multiple possible uses. Our ultimate goal is to help immerse your players in your vivid world!

    To obtain more excellent music, you can support Adventure Music on Patreon.

    You can also find additional free music available on YouTube and SoundCloud.

  4. MikWewa Battlemap Bundle

    4 weeks ago Version 1.0.0

    This module provides the free battlemap pack by mapmakers Mik & Wewa. Each included map is hand-drawn including a base map with three additional variants. All battlemaps are pre-configured with walls and lighting sources and ready to play. Use the pre-configured maps directly, or furnish our empty ones with your favorite assets.

    You will find 10 distinctive battlemaps (Prison, Cave Dungeon, Graveyard, Helmet Cave, Aegis Fort, Gauntlet Island, Pendant Estate, Theros Temples, Dungeon Crypt) and two bonus Lizard Temple maps.  Enjoy your adventuring and have fun!

    MikWewa Maps
    We are Mik and Wewa and we create battlemaps and assets to assist your table-top game! We create unique and spacious battle locations rich in detail. 

    If you appreciate these maps, please consider supporting MikWewa on Patreon for an ongoing supply of Foundry VTT ready battlemaps which are created for Patreon supporters each month.

    You can also find MikWewa on Twitter or follow on Instagram.

  5. The Cycle of Cerberus

    1 month ago Version 1.0.0

    I am thrilled to present a game-ready DnD 5e adventure module for Foundry Virtual Tabletop: The Cycle of Cerberus! This labor of love is the achievement of over 25 individuals working together to bring you an adventure of Herculean proportions.

    The entire Cycle of Cerberus adventure is available for use in Foundry Virtual Tabletop, with preconfigured Scenes, Actors, Journal Entries, Items, and Audio Playlists.

    The Cycle of Cerberus is a Fifth Edition adventure designed to take a group of 4 to 5 characters from 5th to 8th level. Inspired by the 12 Labors of Hercules in Greek mythology, this adaptation incorporates the classic quests, monsters, and motif of ancient myth while injecting our interpretation of the personality and flavour of the world's greatest roleplaying game. This story was written by TavernTales, Thai Williams, DM Tuz, Kraven's Keep, Simon Menanteau-Ledouble, Mike Myler, and C. A. Berlitz. It also includes a number of dynamic and evocative monster stat blocks by Tim Gonzalez that are sure to terrorize your players. You can read more about the wonderful creative team behind this module in this post.

    Once you install the module and activate it within one of your worlds, you will be displayed a prompt to import all of the module content (if you wish) which will automatically import all the adventure content and create a folder structure within your game world.

  6. The MAD Cartographer | Caverns Battlemap Pack

    1 month, 2 weeks ago Version 1.0.0

    This incredible module features 30 outstanding battlemaps, each with a "caverns" theme to awe your players with otherworldly marvels or antagonize them with deadly denizens.

    The MAD Cartographer
    The MAD Cartographer creates a wide selection of exciting and strategic battlemaps for VTT, with a high level of detail. Each month The MAD Cartographer runs a new theme to revolve his maps around, releasing multiple maps and variants, assets and a new Foundry VTT Map Pack every week through Patreon.

    If you enjoy these maps, please consider supporting The MAD Cartographer on Patreon for more fantastic Foundry VTT content. The MAD Cartographer can also be found on:

  7. Domille's Wondrous Works - Battlemap Collection

    2 months ago Version 1.0.0

    This special module includes 27 free, ready to play, battlemaps created by Domille's Wondrous Works. Every map is beautifully hand-drawn and is pre-configured for Foundry Virtual Tabletop with walls, doors, and light sources. 

    Domille's Wondrous Works
    Domille's Wondrous Works creates battlemaps to inspire and help DMs with their story telling and combat by providing high quality, hand drawn battle maps of highly imaginative settings and locations.

    If you enjoy these maps, please consider supporting Domille's Wondrous Works on Patreon for more great content incuding additional variations as well as a bigger variety of maps.

    Domille can also be found on Twitter.

  8. Clash at the Kobold Cauldron

    2 months, 2 weeks ago Version 1.0.2
    A game-ready Foundry Virtual Tabletop adventure for the 5th Edition game system brought to you by DMDave, Cze and Peku, Paper Forge, and more!

    Something's wrong with the people of Knotside. A few weeks ago, a popular new liquor called Red Claw showed up in the city's many taverns. Anyone that took even a sip of this spirit immediately wanted another taste. At first, these desires were nothing more than cravings. But soon, those cravings grew to obsession. Then obsession turned to violence. Now, the city of Knotside faces collapse as the red-eyed Red Claw addicts stalk the streets, desperate for more.

    This game-ready adventure for Foundry Virtual Tabletop provides a beautifully crafted and immediately accessible game world to challenge your group of players as part of an ongoing campaign or as a standalone adventure. This adventure for the 5th Edition game system is designed for a party of level 10 characters and will challenge the heroes to discover the mystery of this devilish Red Claw brew. For most parties it will provide between 6 and 12 hours of gameplay. 

    Within this game-ready adventure, you will find intricately created scenes, actors, journal entries, roll tables, and much more including 6 memorable Scenes including 4 battle-maps, 21 deadly adversaries and NPCs with custom token artwork, 3 unique magical items, 25 Journal Entries which guide you through running the adventure, and 3 musical scores to set the tone for each of the adventure's primary locations.


    Many thanks to collaborators and contributors to this project including:

  9. Tom Cartos Ostenwold

    2 months, 3 weeks ago Version 1.0.0

    This module provides the Ostenwold town setting by Tom Cartos, a complete and vibrant town for use in fantasy roleplaying game systems. The module includes 60 battlemaps, covering 14 different and exciting locations in and around the town of Ostenwold. These wonderful maps are pre-configured with walls and lighting to be game-ready, so you can jump right in to use them for your next adventure.

    Tom Cartos
    Tom Cartos creates highly detailed, multi-level battlemaps for TTRPGs. Utilise the high resolution pre-made maps for an extra level of atmosphere and immersion in your games, or use the ‘creation mode’ packs of unfurnished maps and assets to reimagine each setting for your specific needs.

    The full collection of Tom Cartos' content is available on Patreon where new content is released every week. Your Patreon support grants immediate access to over 800 battlemaps and over 3,000 assets, all optimised for both print and VTT.

  10. Music d20 Sampler

    3 months ago Version 1.0.0

    The perfect starting point to begin scoring your adventures. The module includes separate playlists for dungeons, cities, combat, and calmer moments. Music d20 specializes in tailor-made fantasy music for any RPG campaign.

    Music D20 Sampler
    Music d20 is your premier source for cinematic fantasy music to score your TTRPG sessions. With hours and hours of studio quality audio by video game composer Will Savino, Music d20 is the cheapest way to amplify your RPG's atmosphere. Turn every moment of play into an expertly crafted sonic landscape.

    Music d20 features an expansive collection of musical themes available from Patreon.

    You can also browse the Music d20 catalog on Bandcamp, or listen wherever you stream music.

  11. Michael Ghelfi Audio Pack

    3 months, 2 weeks ago Version 1.0

    A selection of professional quality ambient sounds and music offered by Michael Ghelfi. These sounds come from the greatest library of ambient sounds for RPGs and include 13 immersive environmental ambiences and 4 memorable musical scores.

    Michael Ghelfi
    I'm Michael Ghelfi, a self-taught orchestral music composer. I'll work relentlessly until I've built the greatest RPG ambience & music library.

    You can download hundreds of songs and ambiences from Michael's Bandcamp.

    Support Michael's work on Patreon.

    Browse Michael's songs on YouTube.

  12. Miska's Maps - Battlemap Pack

    3 months, 2 weeks ago Version 1.0

    This special pack of 12 game-ready battlemaps is provided courtesy of Miska's Maps. Miska creates beautiful hand-drawn fantasy and sci-fi maps every month. All maps are pre-configured for Foundry VTT with walls, doors and light sources.

    Miska's Maps Battlemap Pack
    Hi! I'm Miska Fredman and I create hand-drawn fantasy and sci-fi maps for tabletop role-playing games to inspire you and help you in preparing and running your games, so you can focus on creating the most exciting and epic adventures for your players.

    Find more maps for free at

    Support Miska's Maps on Patreon and get new Foundry VTT-optimized maps every month.

    Browse video's by Miska's Maps on YouTube.