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Welcome to The Bitesized Book of Spectacular Shops, brought to you by The MAD Network and OddGob Games! This module is a free sampling of our new book of fifth edition shops and shopkeepers coming soon to Kickstarter! Despite it's "bite-sized" nature, this preview features a wide range of fanciful shopkeepers as well as a first-look at some of the supplemental digital content that will accompany the PDF.

In the complete version, the Big Book features 100 NPCs, complete with:

  • Colourful original portraits by OddGob Games
  • Unique personalities, ranging from the epic to the sarcastic and Pratchett-esque
  • Exciting and varied goods and services for sale
  • Quest Hooks
  • Personality Traits
  • Attitude Modifiers
  • Crafting Systems

The book also includes a framework of systems and rules to allow you to structure building a relationship with vendors, and how that can affect the prices and availability of secret stock!


To get the most out of your shops, for both look and additional functionality, we have made Chalkone’s Loot Sheet NPC 5E module an optional dependency. Letting your players buy items from the shop that instantly adds items to their inventory, allows DMs to instantly adjust prices with a % based slider (which makes our Attitude system even more robust), and more!

Install the module, take a look around at the features (The PDF is also included within the module if that's your preferred reading method). If you like what you see and would like much much more of the same, we hope you'll check out the Kickstarter!


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