Cyberpunk RED Importer

An Add-on Module for Foundry Virtual Tabletop

Author: aolkin Project Source: Project URL Versions 10 - 11 (Verified 11) Last Updated 4 months, 1 week ago

This module is designed to import character data from (and the associated mobile apps). It is most useful if you want to let your players create their characters using the wizards in that app, and then import them into Foundry. However, it has a number of rough edges, so expect to have to make a few manual corrections or additions after importing.

To use it, hit the "Import" button on the header of a character sheet and paste in the six digit code received from the "Export" functionality on



DLC such as Black Chrome is not currently supported (with the exception of cyberchairs) - and likely never will be :(


Available Versions

  1. Version 0.3.1

    4 months, 1 week ago
    Foundry Version 10 - 11 (Verified 11) Manifest URL Read Notes
  2. Version 0.3.0

    4 months, 2 weeks ago
    Foundry Version 10 - 11 (Verified 11) Manifest URL Read Notes
  3. Version 0.2.3

    10 months, 1 week ago
    Foundry Version 10+ (Verified 10) Manifest URL Read Notes