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Combat Numbers is a FoundryVTT module which showcases bouncing combat text on tokens, similar to old-school JRPGs. There's still work to do, but it allows for fine-grained control on what is broadcast to other players when an actor's HP changes.

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What Does This Look Like?

Damage example:

Healing example:


Supported Systems

If you have a system you would like to use but it is not in the list above, it may just work out of the box! If you're finding that it is not or misbehaving, read the section entitled "Advanced Customization for Unsupported Systems".


Canvas Layer Controls

Combat Numbers Canvas Layer Controls

Combat Numbers includes an additional Canvas Layer Control button in the toolbar, seen as "#". Currently, this is only available for GMs. When clicked, you are presented with two toggleable options:



Adjust Combat Numbers settings within your macros! You can access the API via window.combatNumbers, and have access to these methods which affect the canvas layer controls:

For example, to stop broadcasting HP changes as a GM, you could run:




Advanced Customization for Unsupported Systems

Currently, it's tough to support every popular system out there for Foundry. In the module settings, you can specify "HP Object Path" and "Temporary HP Object Path". Some Foundry VTT systems support HP in a slightly different object structure. If you know how Actor and Token entities structure their data for the HP and temp HP attributes, you can specify this here.

For example, the default HP Object Path for the DnD5e system is attributes.hp.value. For the Old-School Essentials system, it is hp.value.

Please see our Wiki for details on already documented systems.


Language Support



Please see the Changelog for all changes between updates


Future Planned Features

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