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3.5e System Reference Document implementation for Foundry VTT

Created from love for old RPGs based on 3.5e System Reference Document, this systems aims to provide full 3.5e SRD implementation and system flexible enough for anything else, with useful automations to help smooth out the gameplay both for GMs and Players.


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This system provides character sheet support for Actors and Items, suport for systems like Psionics, Containers and Shapechange and ever growing compendiums with data on Monsters, Classes (along with features), Spells, Feats, Magic Items*!  (Plus we have a custom skin, if you are into those kind of things.)


*Some of them are currently descriptive only, as system is in heavy developement.


Just search for 3.5e SRD in foundry system browser and click install! It is that simple!

Documentation and Wiki

You can read more on how to use the system on System Wiki


You can find me - and other system users - on project Discord Community or message me - Rughalt#4238 - on Foundry Discord Community!


If you find any bugs or have feature request, you can visit project GitHub issues and see if some are already posted there and if not - you can add them so they won't be forgotten.


Originaly based LoopeeDK conversion of Furyspark's Pathfinder1 system.  Assets used in bacground map by Forgotten Adventures (

Available Versions

  1. Version 0.85.4

  2. Version 0.92.7

  3. Version 0.98.6

  4. Version 0.98.9

  5. Version 0.99.1