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A module that integrates with Simple Calendar to add dynamic weather to your game.

The successor of Calendar/Weather, Weather Control aims to provide the most seamless experience to add dynamic weather to your game based on climates.


  • Intuitive UI to control time and weather
  • Print the weather to chat, with the option of showing to players or not
  • Generate weather for every new day

Planned features

  • Weather effects
  • Weather changes during a day
  • Vision restrictions based on weather and moons
  • Seasons
  • Map-based climates
  • Weather forecast
  • Pre-defined weather on a specific date


Main UI


If you need help with the module, you can join the community on The Bird's Discord server.

If you believe you found a bug or would like to post a feature request, head over to the module's GitLab project and open a new issue.

Alternative Support Methods

If you do not have a Discord or GitLab account, you can send an email to this address, and it will open an issue for you in GitLab.

Please note that by using this method, your email will be displayed publicly.


If you'd like to contribute to the development of the module, whether it is code, localization, designs or ideas, first head to the Discord server. The project owner (The Bird) will point you in the right direction to set up your environment and assign you a task.


Weather Control is the result of the effort of many people. Please refer to for the full list.

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Available Versions

  1. Version 4.0.3

  2. Version 4.1.7