Package Description


This compendium provides many items needed for creating characters (PCs, NPCs, Adversaries) in The One Ring 2e system ( :

  • Distinctive Features, Virtues, Flaws, Fell abilities and Rewards
  • Weapons, armour and shields


All those items are created

  • with their stats if exists
  • without any text or image from the official books
  • with a reference where to find the text and images in your core book copy


All the images used for the items are images provided either by TOR2E system (Distinctive Features, Virtues, Flaws, Fell abilities and Rewards) or from free-to-use Foundry VTTicons (weapons, armours, shields).

Note : There is no Active Effect implemented in any item of this compendium.


Ready-to-use / Ready-to-modify

As per property right and license, and as this compendium module is public : it contains no text description, no rule text, no image from any of The One Ring RPG books. But all the items, after being created in a Loremaster own Foundry VTT game, are in a privacy mode / not shared to public, and then the Loremaster may modify them to add any needed description and image from his own core book copy.


How to use

This module doesn't provide any "compendium" package in the Compendium tab of Foundry VTT, thus it's not possible to import items from such compendium. It only provides a macro that will (when run) create items in the Items tab of Foundry VTT.

This macro needs to be launched only once. If you want to run it again, please first delete the folders and items created by the previous run of the macro.

Note : Any item drag&dropped from the Items tab into a character sheet becomes fully independent. If you remove or modify its corresponding item in the Items tab, it will have no impact on the embedded item.


How to launch the macro

  1. Activate this module in your World

  2. In your hotbar, click on an empty slot. It opens a "New macro" window.

    2.1. Change the "type" field value to "script"

    2.2. Put following line in the Command field


  3. Click on the "Execute Macro" button. It will start creating the items and actors.

    3.1 First it will display a notification : ===== TOR2E - EN - COMPENDIUM START ====

    3.2 Depending on the characteristics of your computer, it may takes from few seconds to several minutes to generate all items.

    3.3 At the end, it will display another notification : ===== TOR2E - EN - COMPENDIUM END ====

    3.4 Now you may go into your Items tab in Foundry VTT. You will find there all the items that have been created by the macro. They are stored in 2 folders : Characteristics and Equipment. And you may drag&drop them in your character sheets.

  4. You may deactivate the module, it isn't needed for playing.



Issue with the macro

In case of issue in running the macro, you may open the console of your browser (with F12 key) in order to see the log messages of the macro (it generates lines in the log for each item creation). If the macro never ends, you may look in that console in order to find an error message that may explain the issue. Thanks to open an issue in this GitLab repository ( so that it may be analyzed and corrected.

Issue with the items created

If you find any item with wrong datainside, thanks to open an issue in this GitLab repository ( so that it may be analyzed and corrected.




Required Game Systems

  1. The One Ring 2nd Edition. Latest Version: Version 1.1.4 Last Updated 5 months, 4 weeks ago

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Available Versions

  1. Version 1.0.0