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Savage Foes of North America
Savage Foes of North America

Rifts® for Savage Worlds - Savage Foes of North America


Prepare yourself for a railgun-shredding, mega-powered magic flinging journey into a post-post-apocalyptic world where supernatural horrors vie with technological empires for mastery of the world.

Major Monsters & Enemies are waiting for you...

One day, your heroes may face a heavily mechanized patrol of Coalition Soldiers. The next, they’re trading lasers and mystic bolts with a horde of cybernetic-loving demons called Brodkil. Next week, a gargantuan tentacled horror from a Rift threatens every living thing in the region, and it’s up to the Tomorrow Legion to stop it…somehow.

Rifts®: Savage Foes of North America contains stats and descriptions for all of the major monsters and enemies a group of heroes might face as they serve in the Tomorrow Legion: the Coalition States, the Federation of Magic, the Black Market, the 1st Apocalyptic Cavalry, the bandits of the Pecos Empire, and much, much more. Important key figures, such as Emperor Prosek, Lord Alistair Dunscon, and Sabre Lasar are included. For those times when a Rift opens and you want to randomly figure out what comes out of it, there’s an extensive Creatures from the Rifts Generator to help you.

  • Savage Foes of North America has over 80 mercenaries, magic users, and monsters to help challenge your players and bring the Megaverse™️ to life!
  • Information on major opposition forces like the Coalition, Federation of Magic, Black Market, Pecos Empire, Xiticix, and more.
  • Forces and war machines of the Coalition.
  • Powerful and mysterious foes from the Federation of Magic.
  • Supernatural and monstrous enemies that terrorize the lands of North America.
  • Tables for creating random creatures and even hordes of monsters coming from anywhere in the Megaverse® through the Rifts®.

We suggest owning the Savage Worlds core rules for full functionality, as this book is designed for use with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, requires the revised edition of Rifts® for Savage Worlds: The Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide, and to have the full complement of the rules, both are required. It is also compatible with the Rifts® for Savage Worlds: Game Master’s Handbook.

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  1. Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Latest Version: Version 1.1.7 Last Updated 4 months ago

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