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Shadow of the Demon Lord Compendia - Paths of Shadow
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Bred for Battle builds on the warrior novice path presented in the main rulebook by providing new customization options for combat-focused characters. These options offer more variety in technique, reflecting the nature of a warrior’s training and providing inspiration for future development.

Natural Born Scoundrels expands the rogue path by adding to the list of Roguery talents. You willl find the old favorites along with options that allow you to forge pacts with devils, pledge your life to the gods, expand and develop various areas of knowledge, or pile on the luck to help you survive in this perilous world. This supplement also introduces a set of new expert paths, such as the commando, mastermind, and tinker, in addition to several others. While designed with the rogue in mind, any character can take these paths and diversify their development options.

Called to Serve presents new options for players to build characters and develop them over the course of campaigns. Here, the focus is on priests and religion, expanding on the ideas first set out in Shadow of the Demon Lord and detailed in  Uncertain Faith. Starting with an examination of the priest path and offering new ways to customize it, this book offers a variety of new expert paths that detail how the truly devout might better serve their gods.

Magicians are those individuals who have committed their lives to learning and mastering magic. In Pursuit of Power examines this novice path and introduces a host of customization options to make it even more diverse and interesting. At its core, it aims to make the first steps taken toward mastering magic more meaningful for a novice character, ensuring the circumstances of revelation help shape his or her identity over the course of play.

What's included

This is a bundle of the following books:

This module includes several compendium packages, in which you will find the following, as contained in the books:

Active effects have been added as supported by the system. Official art has been used where available. The books are also included as journal entries, and they include references and links to the items where available.

Some other stuff

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