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  • Character sheet for Characters/Npcs and Creatures.
  • Compendiums with Weapons, Armor and Ammunition from the Core Rules book.
  • Enter Ancestries, Paths, Talents, Spells, Inventory Items and drag-and-drop them onto the character sheet.
  • Automatically gain health, attributes and talents when leveling up.
  • Castings on spells calculated when power gained when leveling up.
  • Overview of Actions, Afflictions and Damage Effects with Tooltip.
  • Grouping of Talents and Spells for an easier overview.
  • When attacking with a weapon, using a talent or spell the chat message tells you what you're effected by and shows all bonuses.
  • Custom Combat Tracker for supporting Fast/Slow turn.
  • Player Tracker tool for overview of all your players.



  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese (Brazillian)



Please join our Discord server SotDL for Foundry VTT.

It's the place to ask questions on how to use the system, make feature request and follow the development of the system.



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Available Versions

  1. Version 1.7.17

  2. Version 2.0.0

  3. Version 2.0.1

  4. Version 2.0.2

  5. Version 2.0.3