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Shadow of the Demon Lord Compendia - Occult Philosophy
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Magic suffuses the worlds of Shadow of the Demon Lord, making possible the impossible, making gods of mortals, and offering a way to remake reality to serve the caster’s needs. Whether you are calling down a mountain to shatter the armies of the Witch-King or opening a portal to the ancient past, mastering the secrets of magic gives you the tools you need to overcome any challenge and any adversary. Occult Philosophy throws open the doors to reveal a whole host of new spells from which your characters can choose.

This supplement contains:

Occult Philosophy offers a massive expansion to the dark horror fantasy of Shadow of the Demon Lord. Armed with this tome, you can stand against the horde of demons, battle the relentless undead, and, perhaps, save your world from the coming doom!

What's included

This module includes several compendium packages, in which you will find the following, as contained in the core book:

Active effects have been included where supported by the system (specifically features, spells and talents). Official art has been used where available. The book is also included as a journal entry, and it includes references and links to the items where available.

Some other stuff

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Released on 8 September 2023

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