Hunger in the Void Compendia

An Add-on Module by Schwalb Entertainment

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Shadow of the Demon Lord Compendia - Hunger in the Void
Hunger in the Void cover

The world of Urth and the entire universe stand in the shadow of a dread power, a force of destruction beyond imagining. The Demon Lord, also called the Hunger in the Void, the Devourer in the Dark, and the One Foretold, draws nearer to the world, causing plagues and blights, war and upheaval, all of which harken the end times. In this supplement for Shadow of the Demon Lord, the Demon Lord and its obscene legions are revealed in all their awful glory. In these foul pages, you’ll find:

What's included

This module includes several compendium packages, in which you will find the following, as contained in the core book:

Active effects have been included where supported by the system (specifically features, spells and talents). Official art has been used where available. The book is also included as a journal entry, and it includes references and links to the items where available.

Some other stuff

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Released on 20 January 2024

Supported Game Systems

  1. Shadow of the Demon Lord

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