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As Above, So Below

Explore wasteland ruins and uncover mysterious clues to the past in this adventure for 4-6 characters starting at levels 5-7 and concluding at levels 8-11.

Deep in the Baevonian Mountains stands a monolithic spire of stone, peppered with ancient ruins, and mostly forgotten. The spire contains a temple complex rich in history and steeped in the mysteries of the past, untouched for a millennium, but it is not without its dangers, for ancient evil stagnates within. This is Rultmoork, where, according to legend, the very land died to the sound of a single falling tear.

The adventures investigate a solitary spire of stone in the barren mountain wastelands.

According to legend, water once sprung forth from the spire, blessing the land with life.

Now, the land is dry, the ancient site in ruins, and a wondrous waterclock is stagnant.

This stagnation infuses all beings, from the strange cultists on the surface to the former elemental guardians deep below.

It is up to the adventures to defeat the evils within Rultmoork, restore the waterclock, and bring life back to the land.





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  1. Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

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