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Quest for the Frozen Flame Maps Remake

This FoundryVTT module is a compilation of maps for Pathfinder 2E Quest for the Frozen Flame Adventure Path. It currently includes maps for the first book, but there are plans to add maps for the later books once I have the time.

All maps are designed for FoundryVTT, with the walls (and some lighting) already set up. The Gleaming Sun Lake map includes an already set-up tile to hide the cave.

The module does not contain any of the material or content from the book. You will need to purchase your own copy to play it. You should support Paizo and this adventure path by purchasing the books.

These maps can be also be downloaded for free from Google Drive, where you can use them without installing this module.


FORGOTTEN ADVENTURES - A couple of the maps use assets from Forgotten Adventures.

INKARNATE - All of the maps were created in Inkarnate Pro using their assets.


Once you have installed and activated the module, the scenes will appear as compendium in your game. Import that to have the scenes all ready to go.

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  1. Pathfinder Second Edition (Official) Latest Version: Version Last Updated 5 months, 2 weeks ago

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