Pathfinder Second Edition

A Game System for Foundry Virtual Tabletop

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A logo for the Pathfinder Second Edition game system, the Foundry VTT d20 logo on top of it.

This volunteer-developed project brings the Pathfinder Second Edition ruleset to Foundry Virtual Tabletop. Supported by an official partnership with Paizo Inc. and Foundry VTT, the PF2e Volunteer Development Team have worked to bring robust mechanical support that seamlessly enhances gameplay without getting in the way of roleplay.

The Pathfinder Seconed Edition Game System for Foundry VTT

The PF2e game system includes:

Latest Release Features - Final V10 release

Bugfixes: Now prevent binary operator predicates from comparing NaNs, actor-sheet re-rendered upon setting temp-Hp at round start, thoughtsense thoughfully added as a sense, mystified names are now preserved when used to generate macros, autofill options for regenration deactivation now fixed, initiative skills fixed when overriden using battleforms, boon sorting improved, XP budget macro now exludes minons and uses actor alliance rather than actor type, crafting items at cost now fixed in crafting tab, spell variants can now be cast with trick magic item, fix override of PC speeds by battleform effects, delta values now handled with TAH enabled, fixed issue with conditionals not being added, fix retrieval of skills with inline rolls, fix issue with spells not showing damage button when cast, fix setting of at least trained for innate spellcasting, fix description of cunning rune, Undo damage button no longer displayed if no damage was dealt, fix application of dexterity modifier cap, fix issue causing some predicated AC bonuses to not apply to PCs, Fix issue preventing tooltip for AC circumstance bonuses/penalties from appearing in attack-roll messages, Fix processing of AC modifier adjustments, Fix acquisition of statistics for skill-action macros, Fix display of DCs from IdentifyItemPopup, Fix term creation for spells that deal zero damage when unheightened, Speed up loading of PC sheets with large numbers of crafting formulas, Fixed formula for familiar perception modifier, Fixed zero damage showing up in persistent damage formulas, Gracefully handle PC crafting formulas with dangling item references, fixed attack roll result being labeled as "DC" instead of "AC", Fixed applying ad-hoc modifiers to action checks, Fixed calculation of battle form land speeds, Now include roll parameters from mouse events in action macros, Add shorthand syntax for multiple rollable check buttons, Add Aid action implementation, Convert familiar abilities to the action item type, add abilities frequency display to familiar sheet, Increase/decrease item quantities by 5 if shift-clicking and by 10 if ctrl-clicking, Fix item:base roll option for NPC attacks with linked weapon, Fix breakdown data of NPC land speeds, Fix application of shield AC bonuses to NPCs, Fix retrieval of origin actor from inline saving throws, Restore localization of Dual Class Feats header on PC sheet, Fix damage-formula construction for formulas lacking "base" damage (affects Tallow Bomb, which only deal splash and persistent damage), Fix default action and feat frequency value, Fix item-creation behavior for exploration and downtime actions, Restore localization of NPC skill name, Fix creation of custom physical items on actor sheets, Include roll data in effects panel descriptions in case there are inline roll links, Fix issue causing effects panel to not load when certain conditions were present on an actor

How to Contribute

The ongoing development effort for this game system is entirely volunteer-based, and we always welcome more help!

If you find what you think is a bug, do the following:

  1. Close the world and restart Foundry.
  2. Push F12 and make a note of any errors in the console log.
  3. Try to replicate it and figure out exactly what you did to cause it. Do you get the same error in the console log?
  4. If it is an actor, try replicating it on a brand new test actor.
  5. Disable all modules and try again. If it stops try figuring out which module - you can likely get help in #module-troubleshooting on the FVTT discord.
  6. If it still persists, create a new PF2e world with no modules enabled and try again. At this point you likely have enough information people in #pf2e on the discord channel might be able to help you.
    1. If it still persists and you feel confident in this, back up your world data, delete the PF2e system and reinstall it and see if that fixes the issue
  7. Open up a GitHub issue stating exactly what you did and exactly what error you are getting. Likely someone in #pf2e can help you phrase this.

Licensing Information

This system uses trademarks and/or copyrights owned by Paizo Inc., which are used with permission granted as part of the partnership agreement between Foundry Gaming LLC and Paizo Inc. This officially recognized game system was created and is maintained by the PF2e For Foundry VTT volunteer development team, and is published for free with the endorsement of Foundry Gaming LLC.

If you would like to undertake a similar project, much of what this system includes is covered under Paizo's extremely generous Community Use Policy. For more information please visit The Community Use Policy. For more information about Paizo Inc. and Paizo products, please visit


Open Game License | Project License

Available Versions

  1. Version 4.12.9

    Compatible Foundry Versions: 10.291 - 10.291 Installation Link: Manifest URL Update Notes: Read Notes
  2. Version 3.13.6

    Compatible Foundry Versions: 9.238 - 9.280 Installation Link: Manifest URL Update Notes: Read Notes
  3. Version 2.20.2

    Compatible Foundry Versions: 0.8.9 - 0.8.9 Installation Link: Manifest URL Update Notes: Read Notes
  4. Version 1.15.0

    Compatible Foundry Versions: 0.7.5 - 0.7.9 Installation Link: Manifest URL Update Notes: Read Notes