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PF2e Kitsune of Golarion

Become a true trickster fox with hundreds of new options for Kitsune characters! Cast spells in your fox form, steal faces to craft magical masks, empower your foxfire to be a potent primary weapon, and much more!

This module contains the Kitsune of Golarion and Kitsune of Golarion: Foxfire Adepts from Everybody Games! It includes new heritages, ancestry feats, equipment, and archetypes! It also includes alternate rules for Kitsune shape change and 'reforged' versions of stock Kitsune feats to bring them more in line with the tricksters of lore.


  • Alexander Augunas
  • Aly Chen
  • Joan Hong
  • Dustin Knight
  • Ruvaid Virk
  • Sky Mahpiya Wall

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More as the book line expands!

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  1. Pathfinder Second Edition (Official) Latest Version: Version Last Updated 3 months, 2 weeks ago

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