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What does this module do?

It adds a compendium containing preconfigured effects for tracking various exploration activities for Pathfinder 2E. The effects intentionally contain no automation and should be used for tracking purposes only. Basically, it just saves you the trouble of creating these effects yourself.


System compatability:

As Effects items, these will break on any system other than PF2E. That's good because it's the system the module is for!

They should work on any version of the PF2E system which includes the Effect item type.


How to use:

The effects do not need to be exported from compendiums to the actors tab. Instead, they can be dragged from the compendium to the macro bar. This will create a macro that will toggle the condition on a selected token when run. This is functionality provided by the core system. The only thing this module does is save you a few minutes of data entry.

I recommend doing things this way because it avoids clogging up your items tab. While eight extra items won't cause a noticeable performance decrease, there's no benefit to clutter. If you don't want to keep the module enabled, you can make a copy of the compendium to your world before you disable it to continue using the effects without needing to import them.



Each effect includes no automation. This is because of the nature of these activities, which rely heavily on GM fiat and do not really take effect automatically. Instead, each one contains a link to the activity it relates to. You can send the effect to chat through your character sheet's effects tab to share this with other users.

Another benefit of having no automation is that in theory these effects should work fine even after the core system begins automating these rules itself. This means that they should remain functional without needing updates up until they are rendered obsolete by system updates.

Notably, the Defend activity is likely better served by an actual Raise Shield macro which provides AC automation, but I included it here because I wanted to be thorough.


Why aren't all exploration activities included?

This module only seeks to cover exploration activities which can be undertaken during travel. For instance, Treat Wounds or Refocus require you to tell your GM that you're stopping to take a break, and may also have rolls involved. Thus there's no reason to add an icon effect for them. However, with effects like Scout and Investigate, I find it's easy to forget to specify which one one is taking until it becomes relevant. 

This module allows players to silently notify their GM which downtime activity they are taking at any moment without needing to interrupt the flow of the game or the conversation. It also keeps the rules references to these activities within easy reach. I find it is especially helpful for quiet players who may be nervous about potentially interrupting narration or conversation to tell their GM their activity. It also removes some of the pressure from the GM to remember each players' choices.

The only absence is Squeeze, which I felt is not used for long enough periods of time to need an effect and moreover is only used in response to a specific hazard or environment. I did include an "unspecified" effect which can be used for on-the-fly activities or used as a template for creating new ones, although in reality this is quite trivial to do even without a template.



The effects contain no rules content or artwork of their own. Instead they reference rules content and image assets which are already present within the Foundry system.

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  1. Pathfinder 2e Latest Version: Version 2.16.4 Last Updated 2 months, 3 weeks ago

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