OSE: The Isle of the Plangent Mage

An Add-on Module by Necrotic Gnome

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Requires Foundry VTT Version 11.

An idyllic cove harbours deep secrets. Magic and sound are entwined harmoniously, while dark things lurking in the depths rise to explore new avenues through previously locked portals. Adventurers will be changed as they explore the depths of the Undertower, unlock strange musical puzzles, and reveal the glorious treasures of the Isle of the Plangent Mage.

A fantasy adventure of sonic wonder for characters of 3rd to 5th level.

  • 64 keyed areas, village description and NPCs, rumour table, loot summary, dungeon background info.
  • Keyed in a quick-reference, bullet point format.
  • Statted for Old-School Essentials (B/X), usable with any vintage adventure game.
  • Map with monster tokens, walls, and lighting pre-assembled, ready for immediate play.

Print version: A deluxe, sewn-binding hardcover edition of this book (+ free PDF) is available from Exalted Funeral, along with all of the other books in the Old-School Essentials line.



Donn Stroud

Creative Consulting

Gavin Norman


Fiona Maeve Geist and Jarrett Crader (MRC)


David Hoskins


Glynn Seal


Reece Carter, David Serra, Mark Donkers, Paul Linkowski, James A. Pozenel, Jr.


Anna Urbanek

Foundry VTT Conversion

Anthony Ronda (VTT Red)

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Supported Game Systems

  1. Old-School Essentials

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  1. Version 2.0.1

    8 months, 4 weeks ago
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