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Unofficial OSE on Foundry VTT logo

Unofficial Old-School Essentials on Foundry VTT

Requires Old-School Essentials. Find the game at Necrotic Gnome's website.

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Find this Foundry VTT game system within Foundry VTT's system browser with the search term ose. You may also copy the manifest link below and paste it into the manifest link input box.

Open Game Content Compendium

The Old-School Essentials Content Compendium is a Foundry VTT module separate from the system. Find it within Foundry VTT's _module_ browser with the search term ose. You may also copy the manifest link below and paste it into the manifest link input box.

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  • If you're a GitHub user and you appreciate this system, please give us a GitHub Star.
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Troubleshooting and Requesting User Support

It's always appreciated when users submit an issue for all kinds of user questions, comments, and concerns. For those who prefer support via public chat, we recommend asking in:

  • The #dnd-other channel in the official Foundry VTT Discord server.
  • The #ose-virtual-tabletop channel in the official Necrotic Gnome Discord server.
  • There is a Discord server for Unofficial Old-School Essentials on Foundry VTT. Please ask for the invite link in one of the above places. We are sensitive to the possibility of spam and phishing attacks, so we do not post it on GitHub directly. This space is subject to the VTT Red Code of Conduct.
  • There are unofficial Foundry VTT user communities for many other languages if you'd prefer to discuss Foundry VTT in another language. Keep in mind that it's unlikely you'll find answers to your questions about a less popular game system like Old-School Essentials, but they are good for asking questions about Foundry VTT in general.
  • The /r/FoundryVTT community on Reddit may also have answers to your Foundry VTT questions, but it is another general Foundry VTT user community that may not have many users with specific knowledge about OSE. Be sure to write `[OSE]` in your post subject and select `FVTT Question` from the "Flair" menu.

We do not offer user support via email. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Any feedback is deeply appreciated. Please browse the open issues and if there's not a matching one already, open a new one. If you're a developer, look for our file.

Open Game Content Used Under License


Trademarks Used Under License

This third party product is not affiliated with or approved by Necrotic Gnome. Old-School Essentials is a trademark of Necrotic Gnome. The trademark and Old-School Essentials logo are used with permission of Necrotic Gnome, under license.

Permission to use Old-School Essentials in the ruleset title granted by Necrotic Gnome.


Code Used Under License


Artwork Used Under License

Weapon quality icons, and the Treasure chest are from Rexxard.

Additional Artwork Credits

The Unofficial Old-School Essentials on Foundry VTT logo is used with permission from project contributor Godforsaken.

Licensing Inquiries

You may direct licensing inquiries to

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Available Versions

  1. Version 1.0.8

  2. Version 1.0.9

  3. Version 1.1.8

  4. Version 1.1.9

  5. Version 1.2.5

  6. Version 1.3.2

  7. Version 1.3.3

  8. Version 1.3.4

  9. Version 1.3.5

  10. Version 1.3.6

  11. Version 1.4.0

  12. Version 1.4.1

  13. Version 1.4.2

  14. Version 1.4.4

  15. Version 1.4.5

  16. Version 1.4.6

  17. Version 1.4.7

  18. Version 1.5.0

  19. Version 1.5.1