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Merchant Sheet NPC

This module adds an additional NPC sheet that can be used for Merchant NPCs. 


This version was originally forked from ChalkOne's loot-sheet module. 

The development for the merchant sheet will be intended for only making it easy for the GM to set up merchants dialog 


Allows for easy making a shopkeeper that can be displayed to the players.

More features detailed below.

Shopkeeper Sheet

Can be used to create an inventory of a shopkeeper to allow players to buy from their inventory. Prices are listed next to each item.

Able to delete items on merchant as well. Drop items from player sheets to merchant to sell items. 

- Small thing that needs to be fixed is that drop items is not cleaned up on merchant. 

- Merchant has an unlimited amount of money. 



Tested with FVTT v0.7.9 and these systems: 


Installation Instructions

To install a module, follow these instructions:

  1. Start FVTT and browse to the Game Modules tab in the Configuration and Setup menu
  2. Select the Install Module button and enter the following URL:
  3. Click Install and wait for the installation to complete


If you have any suggestions or feedback, please contact me on Discord (Whelan#7806).

Required Game Systems

  1. Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Latest Version: Version 0.19.4 Last Updated 3 days, 8 hours ago
  2. DnD5e Latest Version: Version 1.3.5 Last Updated 3 days, 8 hours ago

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  1. Version 0.0.1

  2. Version 0.0.2

  3. Version 0.0.3

  4. Version 0.0.4

  5. Version 0.0.5

  6. Version 0.0.6

  7. Version 0.1.0

  8. Version 0.2.0

  9. Version 1.0.0

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