AI Monster Importer

An Add-on Module for Foundry Virtual Tabletop

Author: Will Gregoire Project Source: Project URL Versions 11 - 12 (Verified 11.313) Last Updated 4 months ago

This package contains art or text produced using generative AI.

AI Monster Text Importer

Import any monster stat block text right into FoundryVTT using GPT!

It's as easy as copy-paste, and it's gonna get even easier.

Video Demo

Here is a short video demo importing a Couatling by copy-pasting text from D&D Beyond (but you can import from any stat block you want!)


1. Subscribe to an OpenAI plan with GPT-4 access (Required)

Sign up for a plan on the [OpenAI Website](

This module currently uses gpt-4-turbo-preview to power its text content parsing. Models that are available through the free plan (i.e. gpt-3.5-turbo) after testing do not provide accurate results. Support for other LLM providers, including Ollama, is in development.

2. Import the DnD 5e SRD (Recommended but not necessary)
The importer uses your existing compendium monsters/items for spells, item examples and some assets.
  • Option 1 - If you're using a late enough version, do this through FoundryVTT's provided D&D content
  • Option 2 - Use [D&D Beyond Importer for Foundry VTT]( to import all the free SRD content on D&D Beyond

(DnD5e only for now, but just wait!)

  1.  Download and install this module using FoundryVTT Add-on Modules
  2. Open the AI Monster Importer with the button at the top of the Actors tab
  3. (Do this once) You will be prompted for your OpenAI API key, enter it and click "Save and Validate". You can get one by creating an account on the OpenAI Website
  4.  Copy-paste a monster text block into the box and click "Submit"

That's it!

The Future

There is a lot to be done here in the way of optimization and extending functionality, we're just getting started!


If you're interested in getting involved or talking about the project, let me know! Find me on the FoundryVTT Discord at wickerplane

Supported Game Systems

  1. Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

    Latest Version: Version 3.2.1 Last Updated 4 days, 4 hours ago


Available Versions

  1. Version 1.0.9

    4 months ago
    Foundry Version 11 - 12 (Verified 11.313) Manifest URL Read Notes