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The main purpose of this module is to bring you comprehensive, all-in-one Armoury with tons of custom community made weapons, armour, ammunition and other trappings. Ultimately I wish it to be as helpful as "Old World Armoury" for 2nd Edition. 

Package currently offers:

[Supported Systems: wfrp4e]

[Supported Languages: English, French, German, Polish]


  • Projectile reclamation feature — allows GMs to enable a feature which causes some portion of used projectiles (arrows, bolts or sling bullets) to be returned to players immediately or after an encounter ends.
    • Defaults to even rolls. Many rules available
    • Must be enabled
  • Added 2 projectile Qualities and 3 projectile Flaws to work with mentioned feature
  • Added Slashing weapon Quality from Gerwin Waffenhalter’s Magnificent Weapons Gallery
    • Automated assignment of Bleeding Conditions when struck with Slashing Weapon


  • Gambeson type armour, as a historical alternative to Leather armour 
  • Rebalanced Leather armour (more expensive, but durable)
  • Various Arrow types: Bodkin, Hunting, Leaf, Military, Shoddy
  • Various Bolt types: Bodkin, Broad, Hunting, Needle, Standard
  • Cracker Bullet for Slings (Blast 2 ammo)
  • Generic ingredient items for each Tradition
  • 41 weapons integrated from Gerwin Waffenhalter’s Magnificent Weapons Gallery thanks to DasSauerkraut's permission


If you wish to contact me for any reason, reach me out on Discord using my tag: Forien#2130


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