Fists of the Ruby Phoenix Map Remakes by Kalnix

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My FOTRP map remakes for Pathfinder 2nd Edition

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. I am a player in FOTRP so I can only make maps at the rate we play on them or what my GM is comfortable with sharing ahead of time. As of 2023-03-26 now I have finished the maps for Book 1, but as my group has not finished Book 1 yet, Book 2 maps will probably be a ways off.

This is a map remake of the adventures from the Fists of the Ruby Phoenix souce book created by Paizo. You can buy the book here It does not have any of the content besides remade maps, you will need to own the book to be able to run the adventure path.

I have also taken artistic liberty with some of the maps in the book as I did not have a great way to recreate some of them in DungeonDraft. I have also created lots of new generic battlemaps for use during the island portion of the book such as a beach, a cave, a mountain pass, a plains and a forest.

Maps are usually 100x100 pixels.


u/thenewnoisethriller for their stellar remake of the Danger Island Hex map as well as letting me include it in this module.

Paizo - For making these fantastic adventures. Some of the copyright/trademarks are owned by Paizo and used under their Community Use Policy. These maps remakes were not created by, endorsed or approved by Paizo.

DungeonDraft - The program I used to create the maps.

Forgotten Adventures - The assets used to make the maps.

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