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Dragonbane Bestiary

Oh, will no good deed go unpunished? I suppose time will tell, but right now things are looking bleak indeed. I have wandered, ridden, climbed, crawled, and swum all over this earth; I have spoken with all manners of creatures, observed, analyzed, and recorded almost everything worth knowing about the people and beings of the world. And yet here I am, unthanked and crouched in a godforsaken crevice, hunted by several of the creatures that I’ve graciously included in my catalog. How astoundingly rude!

– Theodora Sneezewort, one of a kind

From cat people to chimeras, fairies to frog people, hippogriffs to hydras, and much more – this Bestiary for the Dragonbane roleplaying game includes no less than 63 wondrous creatures for the player characters to encounter. Each of them is brought to life in text and art, as well as a random encounter and a seed for a complete adventure. Among these fantastic beings, there are nine new playable kin, each with their own unique ability. The Bestiary is gloriously illustrated by Johan Egerkrans and David Brasgalla.

This Foundry module contains:

  • 79 Actors.
  • 10 Journal Entries.
  • 18 Items.
  • 62 Rolltables.
  • 2 Scenes.
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This module is to be used with the Dragonbane System.

Published by Free League Publishing.

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