Player's Handbook (2024)

An Add-on Module by Wizards of the Coast

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The Player's Handbook (2024) can now be pre-ordered from us directly for $29.99 USD and will be available to install on September 17th, 2024.

Pre-Order Here!
Available September 17, 2024

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Cover Artist: Tyler Jacobson
The Essential Resource for Dungeons & Dragons® Players

This new and improved Player’s Handbook® is the ultimate guide for fifth edition D&D players. Play your way with optimized rules for character creation and advancement, exploration, combat, equipment, spells, and much more. Create fantastic heroes from an expanded selection of character origins, classes, and subclasses, revised and balanced for maximum fun.

Key Features

A companion to the fifth edition Dungeon Master's Guide (2024) and Monster Manual (2025).

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to pre-order this content?

By pre-ordering the Player's Handbook (2024) on Foundry Virtual Tabletop you will unlock access to the premium module immediately upon its release date, September 17, 2024. A content key will be added to your account at but the content will not be available to install until the release date.

Will this content be available in multiple languages?

This content is English-only at this time.

Will this be official D&D content?

Yes! You can read more about our exciting partnership with Wizards of the Coast for more details.

What will the refund policy be for purchases of this product?

The Player's Handbook will be a digital product which is installed on the computer where you host Foundry Virtual Tabletop. Once the module has been installed it is no longer eligible for refund. If the module has not yet been installed, you will be eligible for a refund up to 30 days from the date of purchase by contacting us at If you have any clarifying questions about the features of this sourcebook please reach out to us before purchasing.

Will purchasing this content unlock it on D&D Beyond also?

No, the Foundry Virtual Tabletop editions of this premium D&D fifth edition content are not interchangeable with the digital books purchased on D&D Beyond.

Will this module include a PDF or physical copy of the book?

No, this module will include all of the content of the book converted for Foundry VTT including journal entries for all text and images in the book.

I have already pre-ordered this content on D&D Beyond or another platform, will I get it for free or at a discount?

Unfortunately that is not something we can offer. Our team incurs the cost of developing and optimizing this content specifically for Foundry Virtual Tabletop, so the Foundry VTT version of a product is not interchangeable with versions purchased elsewhere.

Will I be able to record videos or live-stream using this official D&D content?

Yes! You are permitted to record or stream videos of yourself or your group playing this content. Please be sure to comply with the Wizards of the Coast Fan Content Policy which applies to use of this content.

Where can I talk about this with other fans?

Join the conversation in our Foundry VTT Discord server, or discuss on the Foundry VTT Reddit.

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