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Foundry VTT - Dice So Nice!

This module for Foundry VTT adds the ability to show a 3D dice simulation when a roll is made.

Usage Instructions

There are no particular instructions for use. Once the module is enabled, 3D animation will be displayed each time dice is rolled on foundry.


There's two type of settings:





Special Effects


💥You can find a gallery of all special effects here💥



Documentation and API

A complete API and documentation for developers and artists alike is available in the Wiki

Known limitations


Tested on Foundry VTT 0.7.9
If you need to use an older Foundry version, please download a compatible older version


Based on the "Online 3D dice roller" from Credits go to Anton Natarov, who published it under public domain.

"You can assume that it has the MIT license (or that else) if you wish so. I do not love any licenses at all and prefer to simply say that it is completely free =)" - Anton Natarov

v2 of "Dice So Nice" based on Teal's fork from the awesome MajorVictory, with his direct consent. You can find his online roller here:

d10 Geometry created by Greewi who did all the maths for our custom "Pentagonal Trapezohedron". You can find his homebrewed (french) TTRPG Feerie/Solaires here:

Built on ThreeJSCannonJS and Proton

Theme and model credits:

Many thanks to the people who continue to support us on Discord, to the amazing system and module developers who integrate our module and to the artists who have let us integrate their textures in Dice So Nice!


Every suggestions/feedback are appreciated, if so, please contact (Simone#6710) or JDW (JDW#6422) on discord

To report a bug, please open a new issue in our tracker


FoundryVTT Dice So Nice is a module for Foundry VTT by Simone and JDW and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

This work is licensed under Foundry Virtual Tabletop EULA - Limited License Agreement for module development.

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Available Versions

  1. Version 1.0

  2. Version 1.1

  3. Version 1.2

  4. Version 1.3

  5. Version 1.4

  6. Version 1.5

  7. Version 1.6

  8. Version 1.7

  9. Version 1.8

  10. Version 2.0

  11. Version 2.0.1

  12. Version 2.0.2

  13. Version 2.0.3

  14. Version 2.0.4

  15. Version 3.0.0-final

  16. Version 3.0.1

  17. Version 3.0.2

  18. Version 3.0.3

  19. Version 3.1.0

  20. Version 3.1.1

  21. Version 3.2.0

  22. Version 3.2.1

  23. Version 3.3.0

  24. Version 3.3.1

  25. Version 3.3.2

  26. Version 3.3.3

  27. Version 3.3.4

  28. Version 3.4.0

  29. Version 3.4.1

  30. Version 3.4.2