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Over a thousand years ago the Demon Queen, Nehebkelat, ruled an empire that spanned a continent and subjugated nations. At her side were her four dreadful generals, each of whom led her vast armies of corrupted mortals marching toward their bloody cause of domination. Desperate for a solution that would return the lands to control of the mortals and break the empire of blood’s stranglehold, the Eyes of Aten imprisoned Nehebkelat and her generals. Using powerful magic they shackled them deep within a sacred vault built in an uncharted desert from which no escape would be possible for a thousand years. And now, those thousand years have come to an end.
An original 5th edition adventure designed exclusively for Foundry Virtual Tabletop.

The Demon Queen Awakens is the first adventure officially written and created by the Foundry Virtual Tabletop team. The adventure is produced specifically for Foundry VTT and leverages all the advanced features of the software to provide a unique experience.

This adventure is designed for a four-to-six player party of 9th-level adventurers. The story will likely require between 2 and 4 game sessions to complete. The player characters represent the only heroes willing to assist the last member of a holy order in his quest to stop the Demon Queen from being released. Upon entering the ancient vault they will quickly realize it'll be no easy task. The Demon Queen's prison is not as secure as it once was, and dark forces work to ensure that when the clock runs out, nothing will stop their demonic mistress from escaping. The players and their characters will need to defeat four dread generals, unlock the Demon Queen's arena, and defeat her before she has the chance to fully escape.

This adventure is designed and optimized for Foundry Virtual Tabletop version 9. This adventure is packaged as a module which can be easily integrated into either a brand new World or a pre-existing campaign.

This Adventure Includes

  • A unique story that can be experienced on its own or integrated into existing campaigns.
  • Nearly fifty comprehensive journal entries with dynamic links to allow for easy reference, with careful guidance for the GM.
  • Original artwork showing off the glorious entry to the Vault of Aten.
  • Two comprehensive maps of the Vault of Aten and the Demon Queen's Prison, hand-crafted by Atropos. Each map is beautifully rendered with a foreground layer, lighting effects, environmental audio, and robust location notes.
  • 19 original and compelling non-player characters pre-configured with equipment, abilities and special effects designed specifically for The Demon Queen Awakens, with custom token artwork by Devin Night and Forgotten Adventures.
  • Five deadly boss encounters.
  • 25 Items designed and created specifically for the adventure.
  • An incredible soundscape of 36 audio tracks encompassing theme music, ambience, and sound effects to immerse your players in the adventure. The soundscape for this adventure includes work from Michael Ghelfi, MusicD20, McRoMusic, and Tabletop RPG Music.
  • 12 Macros which leverage Foundry VTT's API to automate memorable storytelling moments throughout the adventure.
  • Two Rollable tables to surprise your players with the contents of jars and tombs as they explore the Vault of Aten.

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