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Introducing the Soulbound

The soulbound is an original level 1-20 class for the 5th Edition of the world's oldest roleplaying game that's wildly original, crazily ambitious, and refreshingly different.

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Soulbound are individuals who've come into contact with a cursed artifact that's merged with them, irrevocably altering their physiology and psyche to form a new, hybrid entity. When creating a soulbound, the player picks two different subtypes that relate to the nature and origin of their cursed artifact and its type and function when manifested for use in combat. Each of these two key decisions has a massive impact on the starting features of a soulbound and its progression throughout the game, leading to unprecedented customization. Moreover, when creating a soulbound, the player has unparalleled opportunity to invoke their own creativity and define for themselves the feel and flavor of how their cursed artifact manifests.

   The soulbound offers five Artifact OriginsAlien, Capricous, Diabolical, Primal, and Sacred—and five Artifact Types—Eviscerator, Protean, Ravager, Stalwart, and Viper—allowing for a whopping twenty-five vastly different permutations of the class from a mechanical standpoint, whilst also allowing for unlimited roleplaying opportunities.

What's Provided

By purchasing Outclassed: Soulbound, you'll receive a PDF copy of the class that you can use digitally or print for referencing at the table. Additionally, you'll receive a premium content module for use here on Foundry VTT. The PDF and module both provide the class itself and a wealth of useful additional materials. Let's take a look at what's included:

   In total the module includes; 13 actors, 124 items, 34 journal entries, and 24 rollable tables; with a combined total of 362 results. That's a lot of bang for your buck!

Purchasing the Module

Purchasing the soulbound is easy, simply follow these steps:

  1. Purchasing the Module. First, you will need to purchase Outclassed: Soulbound. This purchase includes both your Foundry VTT premium content module and your non-Foundry files.
  2. Finding Your Content Key. You will receive a license key to activate your Foundry VTT content in your purchase note when you complete your order for Outclassed: Soulbound. This license key is also visible on the Downloads page that you will be taken to on DriveThruRPG immediately after your purchase is processed. If you have any issues finding your key, please get in touch with us at and we'll happily introduce you to it and see if you two can't become fast friends.
  3. Redeeming Your Key. Log into  and enter the license key you received in your purchase note into the Premium Content interface.
  4. Activating Your Content. Finally, install your shiny new module via the Module Browser in the Foundry VTT application. Then, simply activate the content in any Game Worlds you wish to by using the Manage Modules tools under Game Settings. The module's initializer will help you setup and import the content from there.
  5. DeepDark Demiplane Dependency. In order to work properly, the soulbound requires another free module from DeepDark Designs, the DeepDark Demiplane. When installing or activating the slayer, you'll be prompted to also install and activate the demiplane. You'll be directed on how to do that, so it shouldn't take more than a few moments. The demiplane helps us keep our modules small and efficient.

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