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Introducing the DeepDark Demiplane

The DeepDark Demiplane might sound like a lonesome pocket dimension devoid of light or hope, but for fans of DeepDark Designs and anyone using our modules, it's actually a rather nice and useful addition to your Foundry VTT module library. This free module is required for some of our other modules to be activated and serves several important functions, these include:

   It should be noted that the style adjustments provided by the demiplane only affect journal entries included in our modules by default and can be disabled at your discretion. Handily, if you activate a module of ours that requires the demiplane, you will be notified with a prompt to install it when first installing that module and again when attempting to activate it. This prompt will even help you to install the demiplane directly, so you shouldn't need to do anything but click to do so when asked.

   Basically, the demiplane is free, quick and easy to install, and actually useful. What's not to love?

Activating the DeepDark Demiplane

Making use of the DeepDark Demiplane is easy and can be done via either of the following approaches:

Seeing the Demiplane in Action

If you want to check out the DeepDark Demiplane, you'll can see it used in our premium content module, Outclassed: Slayer.

Keep in the Loop

Our team of DeepDark Designers are always cooking up new and exciting ways to enhance your game and we're planning to bring a lot more of our content—current and future—to Foundry VTT. It's a great idea to follow us in order to keep up to date on the latest news and announcements. You can do so at each of the following places:

You can also reach me directly via email at or on Discord at AenyMehrunes#6198.


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