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Seize the Power of Dragons!

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With Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons, the power of dragons is in your hands. With the dragon ancestry, play as a dragon who used a special ritual to gain power quickly by adventuring, rather than by waiting millennia to grow into it. Over 45 heritages allow you to play any true dragon!

With the draconic ravager and dragon mage archetypes, you can use your character’s class to gain additional draconic power, granting you unparalleled customization no matter whether you’re a martial or magical dragon. Hundreds of ancestry and class feats mean the only limit is your imagination!

With lore and lavish art for each of the 45 dragon heritages, you can learn more and choose the dragon that best fits your personality. And what better way to decorate than with Hoards of Power, a subsystem allowing dragons to power up by building their hoards instead of shopping! Or, if you’d prefer, play a draconic scion, a non-dragon with a connection to the mighty wyrms!

Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons includes:

Change how you play Pathfinder forever and play a dragon PC today! 

This module is to be used with the Pathfinder Second Edition system.

Published by Roll For Combat.

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Dragon PC sitting around a campfire

Play a Dragon PC for the first time!

Learn all about dragons from the Dragon Sage Aeternal, Kallizandrex!

Explore the new Dragon Hoard Rules

New rules outline how you can use wealth to level up your dragon PC!

Supported Game Systems

  1. Pathfinder Second Edition (Official)

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