Arcane Artifex

An Add-on Module for Foundry Virtual Tabletop

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Arcane Artifex README

Arcane Artifex is a powerful Foundry VTT module that facilitates the creation of visual content directly within your gaming sessions. This module integrates with several AI-powered image generation systems, enabling Game Masters to enhance their storytelling by generating images based on textual prompts provided within the Foundry VTT chat interface.

Supported Endpoints

Stable Diffusion endpoints (either local or via appropriate tunnel e.g. ngrok) with selectable models, schedulers, sampler, and resolutions with optional upscalers and LoRAs (with weights)

Web-Based Image Solutions

Setup Instructions for Local Install - Automatic1111 or ComfyUI

Before using Arcane Artifex in your Foundry VTT environment, ensure that your webUI for Stable Diffusion is operational. Follow these steps to prepare the environment:

  1. Start Stable Diffusion with Necessary Flags: For Automatic1111:

    --listen --api --cors-allow-origins="[your_local_ip_of_foundry]"

    For ComfyUI, start the service with:

    python --enable-cors-header [your_local_ip_of_foundry] (e.g. http://localhost:30000)
  2. Launching Foundry VTT: Launch your Foundry VTT world where Arcane Artifex is installed, ensuring it can access the machine where Stable Diffusion is running.

Configuration of Web-Based Image Generation

To use web-based image generation services like Stable Horde, Stable Diffusion 3, or DALL-E 3, follow these setup instructions:

  1. Obtain API Keys: Secure an API key for each service you intend to use. These keys are necessary to access the services and generate images.

  2. Store API Keys Securely: Enter and store the API keys as passwords within Foundry VTT's Game Settings to ensure they are kept secure.

  3. Select Your Service: In the Arcane Artifex settings panel within Foundry VTT, choose the web-based service you wish to use for image generation.

Generating Images


Available Versions

  1. Version v0.8

    3 weeks, 5 days ago
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