Package Description

Alien RPG System

Official system for playing the ENNIE award winning Alien RPG by Free League on Foundry VTT.

Free League have now officially endorsed the system and we have been working to provide official content to enhance the system (see below).
Created by Paul Watson

See the Journal Entry "MO/TH/ER Instructions" for an overview on how to use the system and it's features.

The core system provides support for:

  • Character and Synthetic sheets.
    • Including the ability to drag and drop Items, Talents, Agendas and Story Cards.
    • Integrated consumables roll mechanics.
    • Stress rolls from the character sheet.
  • Creature sheets.
    • Dropdown to allow the GM to select from a list of rolltalbes for attacks.
  • Territories and Vehicle sheets.
  • Items:
    • Item - General equipment
    • Weapon - Personal and Vehicle weapons
    • Armor - Personal armor
    • Talent - Talents for use within the system
    • Planet-System - Details of planetary systems
    • Agenda - PC Agenda and Story cards
  • Customisable Fonts and text colours.
  • 2 sets of custom Alien RPG 3D dice are integrated if using the "Dice So Nice" module.

Should you wish to populate the system with game content for your own use please purchase the rules from Free League Publishing: Free League - Alien RPG or better still purchase the Starter Set or Core Rules modules.

My intention is to enable people to play Alien RPG remotely and not to create a fully enabled/automated system. MO/TH/ER will still need to do some work.

Official Modules:
Save the effort of inputting all the data from the books by purchasing the official modules from Free League:
Alien RPG Starter Set
Alien RPG Core Rule Book
Destroyer of Worlds Scenario

Available Versions

  1. Version 1.2.26

  2. Version 1.2.27

  3. Version 1.2.28

  4. Version 1.3.0

  5. Version 1.3.1

  6. Version 1.3.2

  7. Version 1.3.3

  8. Version 1.3.4

  9. Version 1.3.5

  10. Version 1.3.6

  11. Version 1.3.7

  12. Version 2.0.0

  13. Version 2.0.1

  14. Version 2.0.2

  15. Version 2.0.3

  16. Version 2.0.4

  17. Version 2.0.5

  18. Version 2.0.6

  19. Version 2.0.7

  20. Version 2.0.8

  21. Version 2.0.9

  22. Version 2.1.0