Package Description

Unofficial AGE System for FVTT

Unofficial implementation of AGE System (Green Ronin) for Foundry VTT



Character sheet designed to serve most of AGE System versions. Not all AGE installments are fully implemented. New features are expected to be added over time.


You can now look at AGE System (unofficial) wiki to understand how to use the game system


  • Apply damage to Characters and Organization from damage chat cards
  • Heal Characters and Organizations using right-click on numeric chat cards
  • Minimal Power Point Automation - deduct power points when using a Power
  • Two possible Character sheet - one Complete and another condensed, ideal for NPCs and quick character overview
  • Different color schemes
  • Checkboxes to identify primary and secondary abilities
  • Checkbox to select last ability leveled up
  • Option to use the Dragon AGE specific ability set
  • Support to Toughness, Impact/Ballistic Armor, and Stun/Wound damage
  • Support to Income, Resources, Currency and GP/SP/CP wealth systems
  • Possibility to use a few optional rules (Fatigue, Conviction, Complication/Churn, Serendipity)
  • Possibility to add Conditions on characters (effects must be set manually)
  • Support to track Serendipity (MAGE Companion), Complication (MAGE Companion)
  • Dice so Nice compatible
  • Shift, Alt, Ctrl keys support to change check and damage rolls
  • Drag and drop owned weapons and power to macro bar to create attack shortcuts
  • Add Stunt Die or Focus (or both) to damage roll when rolling damage from chat
  • Point mouse slightly above Tracker or Roller and a Drag Bar will appear. Click and drag to reposition. Right click Drag Bar to return to original position!
  • Supports Vehicles and Spaceships.
  • Active Effects enabled.

Spaceship and Vehicle Controls

You can drag and drop Characters to Veihcles and Spaceships, so these passengers will be able to be selected for roles inside the vehicle/spaceship.


  1. Shift + Click on Attack or Damage rolls trigger GM roll (only GM can see).
  2. CTRL + Click on Damage rolls adds +1D6 to the total.
  3. CTRL + ALT + Click on Damage rolls adds +2D6 to the total.
  4. ALT + Click on Attack, Focus, Ability or Damage rolls to add Roll Options.
  5. Right Click on Focus in the character sheet opens a context menu with options to roll it with another Ability, show on Chat, edit and delete.
  6. Drag and drop a owned Weapon or owned Power to macrobar to create a macro.


A few items have a "Modifiers" section. Modifiers will only apply when the item is equiped/activated (i.e., shield icon in character sheet without opacity). The checkbox must be checked to have the mod active in the item. Bonuses for maneuvers are on top of the normal bonuses granted by the maneuver. Here the description of each one of the Modifiers:

  1. This Item Damage: adds damage when using damage roll for tha particular item (useful only for Weapon and Power & Arcana).
  2. All Damage: adds the damage to all types of damage rolls.
  3. This Item Activation: add a bonus to all use rolls for that item (using the dice icon to roll).
  4. Defense: value added to owners' Defense stats.
  5. Impact Armor: adds to Impact Armor. When Ballistic armor is not used, Impact Armor is the mod to use to add into Armor.
  6. Ballistic Armor: mod ading to Ballistic armor.
  7. Toughness: value added to Toughness stats.
  8. Defend Maneuver: the value here adds to the bonus granted by the Defend maneuver.
  9. Guard Up Maneuver: this mod adds up to the Guard Up bonus.
  10. All-Out Attack: bonus to damage caused by All-Out Attack.
  11. Max Health: added to character's maximum Health.
  12. Max Conviction: added to character's maximum Conviction.
  13. Max PP: added to character's maximum Power Points.
  14. Power Force: added to item's Power Force. Only useful for Power & Arcana.
  15. Aim: extra bonus added to attack rolls when Aim maneuver is used, besides the standard value.
  16. Ability Names: these are play bonuses to the specific Ability.
  17. Speed: adds to Speed Mod field.
  18. Focus: adds bonus to Focus maching the name, as long as the character has the given Focus on its character sheet.
  19. Attack Bonus: adds to attack rolls.
  20. All Test: general bonus adding to all tests, except for attack/damage rolls.
  21. Armor Strain: this is the extra Power/Spell/Magic Points necessary to cast a spell when wearing the item bearing this mod.



Icons were used from These icons were published under CC BY 3.0 license. Here is a list of all icons used:

Token Stats Icons

Icons made by:


  • French: by Discord users Imposator#8090 & Abdanck#2003.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: by Discord user Leandro_Soares#9067 and me.
  • Spanish: by Discord user ForjaSalvaje#2419.

Change log

0.8.18 [2021-11-28]


  • Styling changes on Apply Damage window to highlight applicable damage or toughness test
  • On Roll Settings, an Option to indicate if Stunt Points from Stunt Attack maneuver stacks with Stunt Points generated by Doubles.
  • Option to GMs to enable automatic deduction of Power Points when rolling a Power - and a warning message when using a Power without the necessary points.


  • A few rolls from chat to working as expected
  • Texts not showing properly on Roll Settings menu
  • Extra Stunt Points from Roll Settings are now only summed to total SP from roll if the roll actually generates SPs

Available Versions

  1. Version 0.6.5

  2. Version 0.7.16

  3. Version 0.8.7

  4. Version 0.8.8

  5. Version 0.8.9

  6. Version 0.8.18