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"Welcome to Aventyr Adventures, a system-agnostic series (with some light sprinkling of 5e rules), designed for GMs and players to enhance the exploration of new, wondrous vistas!

Discover Aventyr, an exciting world where nature struggles to survive under the onslaught of so-called civilization, where primal warriors summon powerful totems and ancient secrets abound in the sky, seas, and depths of the earth!

This module is intended to be used alongside existing Aventyr Campaign Setting content, and, best of all, 100% FREE!

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I began this project as a little world-building in Foundry; at the start, I was only going to add Races, Deities of Aventyr and Rybalka, as I had planed to run a campaign based on the A-series of adventures. After sharing some pictures of what I had done in Foundry on AAW Games' discord, I was asked if I was interested in inputting all the material on the AAW Games website in Foundry... and here we are!



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I want to thank, AAW Games, Jonathan G. Nelson, Thomas Baumbach, Endzeitgeist and GMToolbox for all the help and support.

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