Handbook of Heritages (A5e)

An Add-on Module by WolfWorks Press

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This supplement for Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition contains a selection of new character options, including ten new heritages, new heritage gifts for gnomes, halflings, and plane touched, and eight brand new cultures. You can also find rules for large collosi and centaur variants!


New Heritages

You can find a list of the new heritages below:


New Cultures

Floating Villager, Giant-Kept, Hidden Citizen, Packmate, Planar Court, Star-Rover Citadel, Therolian Enclavist, and Undercity.

Several of these are built specifically for the book's heritages, but all are available to any player, regardless of their heritage.

Supported Game Systems

  1. Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition (Official)

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Available Versions

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