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Foundry Metrics, Grams and Liters
Foundry-mgl is intended to be the ultimate tool for playing dnd5e in the metric system.
The core concept behind Foundry-MGL is the idea of expandability this is why it is able to convert all types of text and labels that are found on the dnd5e system.

The conversion tools offered by this module can be split into 2:
- simple conversion: simple conversion can be done to all the different types of entities. It converts a single entity at a time and the operation can be redone at any time
- batch conversion: batch conversion is a more intensive process that I recommend being done once. It is able to convert all the entities from a tab at once.

Works for:

-> creating a new scene will automatically use metric grid distance
-> batch conversion for existing scenes (except the one that is in view at the moment)

-> simple conversion for all the data on the actor (movement, senses, biography, items/spells/features)
-> batch conversion for all the actors in the actors directory

-> simple conversion for items text descriptions, labels and templates
-> batch conversion for all the items in the directory
journal entries:

-> simple conversion for all the text
-> batch conversion for all the journal entries
Note: if you batch convert all the actors and the items then all the links will be to the metric version of them
rollable tables:

-> simple conversion for the text
-> batch conversion for all the rolltables in the directory

-> simple conversion creates a new copy of the target compendium that has all it's entries in metric
-> batch conversion will update all the compendiums and will recreate the links to items that are not in the metric system
Note: all work on compendiums takes a while try do to it as less as possible

First time setup

Just started a new world and want it to be in the metric system from the start? No problem.
Before doing anything activate the module and start a batch conversion of the compendiums.
After it is done just use the compendiums that have the keyword "Metrified" in the name, and you are fine. If you want to later import something that uses imperial units you can safely metrify only the new parts.

Converting an existing world?


Now that your backup is done start batch converting everything.
I have found that it works the best if you batch convert everything and leave the journal entries for last.
After all the tabs are batch converted you should be fine but take a good look at everything so that you are sure it all worked.

Don't like my conversion rates?

No problem, all the conversions done in this module are based on multipliers that can be modified in the settings.
At the moment I am converting:
- inches to centimeters (the default rate is 1 inch = 2.5 cm)
- feet to meters (the default rate is 1 feet = 0.3 m)
- miles to kilometers (the default rate is 1 mile = 1.6 km)
- pounds to kilograms (the default rate is 1 pound = 0.5 kg)

Expanding to other systems?

I am not familiar with any of the other systems, but the way I have designed this module it can be expanded to support the other systems.
It is designed with a conversion engine that exports a lot of useful methods to convert the data, but adapting the conversion to the object structure of other system is up to anyone that wants to do it.

Compatibility with custom NPC/player sheets
This module should be compatible with any NPC or actor sheet.
The ones I personally use are Zeel's Monsterblocks and ElfFriend's Compact DnDBeyond 5e Sheet and they work fine.

Required Game Systems

  1. DnD5e Latest Version: Version 1.5.5 Last Updated 2 months, 3 weeks ago

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  1. Version v1.0.0

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