November-End Holiday Sale

The Foundry End of November sale is now live! Enjoy 20% off of Foundry VTT and The Demon Queen Awakens. It's easy to gift either of them to a friend by purchasing it on your own account and using our self-service transfer tool.

If you're looking to bundle up for the cold or need some new stickers, everything in our TeeMill store is also on sale including our brand new Winter collection of long sleeves, sweaters, and hoodies.

Both sales will run until November 30, 2022 11:59 PM EST.

Foundry Virtual Tabletop

Foundry would never have gotten to this point without our amazing community's support and positive word of mouth that has continued to draw new users to the platform and as a team, we're extremely grateful.


Demon Queen Awakens

The player characters represent the only heroes willing to assist the last member of a holy order in his quest to stop the Demon Queen from being released. Upon entering the ancient vault they will quickly realize it'll be no easy task. The Demon Queen's prison is not as secure as it once was, and dark forces work to ensure that when the clock runs out, nothing will stop their demonic mistress from escaping. The players and their characters will need to defeat four dread generals, unlock the Demon Queen's arena, and defeat her before she has the chance to fully escape.

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Our TeeMill store features a brand new Winter collection of long sleeve shirts, sweaters (coming today), and hoodies as well as all of our classic tees, stickers, tote bags, and art prints. TeeMill creates sustainable clothing using organic cotton, green energy, and plastic-free packaging. 

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Other Great Gift Ideas!

While these products aren't on sale they can still make for an awesome gift for the Foundry fan in your life!

A House Divided

A House Divided is a tale of gothic horror and familial drama. The adventure features immersive exploration and tactically challenging combat, but its primary gameplay emphasis is social interaction with a rich cast of nuanced characters. What choices will the party make within the halls of Raventree Estate? What allegiances will they forge and what betrayals will they commit? Will the heroes restore the manor to its former glory, release it from its torment, or seize its power for their own?

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Foundry Metal Dice

Our beautiful set of metal dice are now available through our partners at Dice Dungeons and would make a great present for the Foundry fan in your life, even if that fan is you! Just like your Foundry VTT license, these nickel-zinc dice will last a lifetime. They come in a gorgeous bronze with deep red-orange enamel numbers modeled after the Foundry VTT logo and feature a brand new mold with stunning greeble backsplash. The highest numbers on the d20, d12, and d6 are replaced with the Foundry anvil so you can bring a bit of Foundry to your in-person games.