One of the most fundamental documents within Foundry Virtual Tabletop is the Actor. Actors are the protagonists, allies, monsters, antagonists, and persons within the World that you create. The game System being used has control to define the exact types of actors which are relevant for its gameplay, but for most tabletop roleplaying systems these actors will represent the characters which the player Users impersonate and the foes they encounter. This article will detail the features of actors, how to create them, and configure them.


This directory can contain folders to organize your world's actors. For details on how to create and use them please see the Folders article.

Actor Creation and Configuration

To create a new Actor, visit the Actors Directory in the sidebar by clicking on the icon that looks like a group of people (). At the top of this tab you can use the Create Actor button to open the actor creation dialog.

Actor configuration is handled through the Actor Sheet which is opened by left clicking on an Actor entry in the sidebar directory or by double-clicking on a token within a Scene. The Actor Sheet itself is usually a system-specific implementation, so the details of what can be configured at an Actor level will vary by game system.

Example Actor Sheet
An example Actor Sheet, taken from the implementation of the DND5e game system.

Prototype Token

The Prototype Token Configuration sheet controls and customizes how an Actor is represented within a Scene. Each Actor has a default (prototype) token configuration which defines a template for that Token when it is placed. Once a Token is actually placed, it is an independent copy which can be configured differently from the Actor's prototype.

To modify the default token configuration for an Actor, you may either:

  1. Click the Configure Token button in the header of an Actor sheet.
  2. Edit the configuration for an existing Token and, while having that configured token selected, click Assign Token in the header of the Actor sheet.

To modify a Token which has already been placed within the Scene, double right-click the token to access the Token Configuration menu.

For more information on configuring Tokens, please refer to the Tokens article.

Actor Permission Levels

Each Actor can have permissions configured at an individual User level. Actor permissions control which User or Users may see or edit that Actor, or impersonate its Token. To modify the permissions configured for an Actor, right-click on the Actor entry in the sidebar and select the Permissions option.

A single permission level may be assigned to all users at once, or individually user-by-user. A permission given to a specific User will override the level of permission given to all Users.

API References

To interact with Actors programmatically, consider using the following API concepts: