Release 0.5.6

Version 5 Development

May 10, 2020

Foundry Virtual Tabletop - Beta 0.5.6 Update Notes

Hi everyone I'm thrilled to release Foundry Virtual Tabletop Beta 0.5.6, a major update which is an "unstable" Alpha release for Council-tier Patreon supporters and Foundry license owners.

Overview of Changes

This update includes a ton of major new features including a major overhaul of the File Browser with new display modes, drag-and-drop Tile placement, Folder creation, and path visibility controls. This update also includes substantial updates to the Tiles system as well as other Placeable Objects through a major refactoring of the drag-and-drop interaction workflows which unify their UX. Lastly, there are a lot of important and valuable API improvements which will make it easier to work with certain core concepts in the Foundry environment.

I'm experimenting with a new routine of hosting a Developer Q&A on Twitch to review and showcase the new features each update. Thanks to everyone who joined me for the first installment, you can find the broadcast here if you'd like to see these changes in action.

About this Update

Please read the following important reminder about this update.

Many of you have arrived recently to the Foundry community you will not yet be familiar with the version structure of software updates. This is an Alpha channel build, meaning it includes lots of new and exciting features, but also has a higher risk of instability as well as a high likelihood of module conflicts.

This update is intended to be safe for use in actual games, but as always back up your critical user data before updating in case, for any reason, you need to roll back. If you prefer to use a large number of modules, or a few modules which you view as critical to your experience - you should wait for the more stable Beta version 0.5.7.

How to Update

To apply this update, return Foundry Virtual Tabletop to the Configuration and Setup page and access the Update Software tab. If you wish to install this update, you must select the Alpha (Unstable) channel. If you are a Patreon supporter only or have not applied your purchased FVTT license, you must provide an Update Access Key which is available on Patreon.

If you have a purchased license key applied, you do not need to enter anything into the "Update Access Key" field.

After clicking Check for Update confirm that you are presented with the 0.5.6 update notes and click the Download button to begin the update process. Allow some time for this process to conclude, when it is finished your server will automatically restart (if Electron) or shut down (if Node.js).

Reporting Issues and Providing Feedback

The feedback cycle for these releases is very important. There are three good ways to provide feedback which are ordered according to my own preference:

  1. Discord Server: My preferred method to collect feedback is through our Discord server where I have created a dedicated channel for Beta 0.5.0 feedback. If you are able to join our Discord community it's the best way to engage with me directly for feedback.
  2. GitLab Tracker: You are welcome to create issue reports directly in the GitLab tracker here, but please take caution to ensure your problem has not already been reported by checking other open (and closed) issues in the upcoming milestone before creating a new report.
  3. Bug Report Form: There is an official bug report form on the official website. Please go to the following address and select "Bug Report" as your category.

Thank you all so very much for supporting my project and relying on Foundry Virtual Tabletop to bring us all together amidst health concerns and difficult times of social distancing. Please stay healthy, care for each other, and stay up to date on progress by following the project roadmap on GitLab:

New Features

Bug Fixes

Framework and API Changes

Documentation Improvements

Known Issues